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aguas frescas

ice cold

Signature Drink

A fresh and beautiful drink offering a combination of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. Our Signature Drink, Twister, combines our ice cold agua fresca with fresh slices of mango. It is decorated with chamoy sauce and sprinkled with Tajin. 

  Catering Available  

ADD more Flavor & Color to your event

Cabana Chiller

It's a modern twist of a Mexican classic treat, Chamango. Our Cabana Chiller is made with real mango sorbet instead of flavored ice. Topped with fresh cubed mangoes and decorated with chamoy sauce and Tajin. 

Fruit Bowl Medley

When just a bowl of delicious mixed fruits does not satisfy the craving for something indulgence and healthy. A Bionico is the solution. A bowl of healthy mixed fruits with our signature cream sauce and topped with granola, almond, raisin, and coconut flakes. 

When Ice Cold isn't Cool Enough

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